Beauties of the Emperor – dropped

After watching three episodes of this horrible drama, I have decided that it is just not worth sitting through 32 episodes of rubbish. Three episodes may seem a little too quick to pass judgement but when you find yourself cringing your way into episode 2 then dragging yourself towards episode 3 only to go into a cringe spasm, I think it is safe to say this drama is just not for me.

The plot was what attracted me to the drama which seemed interesting, two rulers fighting over a woman and putting the their empire at risk. I started this drama expecting something more intense. Instead what I got was a girl (Lu Le) who seemed unusually modern for her time but only has a big mouth and a guy (Yun Kuang) who puts on this scrunched up angry expression all the time. Like erm..I’m supposed to actually like him right? Okay I guess I can’t say much I’ve only watched 3 episodes of him, all of which he’s seen either sneaking into the palace or rudely walking away from Lu Le. I thought Hai Tian was probably the more interesting character but even that was ruined when he almost forced Lu Le to sleep with him so he would let the other sacrificial girls go. I suppose the aim of it was to spice things up shoujo-style but I would probably let it slide if not for the fact that he’s married with an unborn child. Eww.

Hai Tian – he’s pretty cute though

And not to mention Lu Le, oh my god. I need to dedicate a whole paragraph for this. So somehow she gets all these feminism ideas in her head and talks about going against fate and doing what men can do and wanting to choose her own husband. Then during an attempt to escape from the palace, with a group of women relying on her, she decides to become a damsel in distress as she jumps out at some random guard hoping it would be Yun Kuang coming to save her. LIKE WOW. Are you kidding me? So far throughout the three episodes I’ve watched she has only managed to throw tempers, rebel just because she felt like it, and danced in an inn in search of a husband. Oh yes, and come up with stupid schemes like running away in the middle of the forest and refusing to apologise while everyone else kneels and pleads for her. She seemed more like a rebellious teenager than an independent woman.

Look how happy she is that they’re gonna die

Then we have all the other problems that I had to cringe to. The drama seemed to rush forward without giving the audience (or me) time to actually process or take in what was happening at that moment. The cuts were awkward at certain parts as well which just pulled me out of the drama. Not that I was that into it anyway. The plot points were weird and completely ridiculous. One of the biggest questions I have was why does Yun Kuang and gang have to infiltrate the palace so damn often. I mean it is THE PALACE. Was the security so loose that assassins can just enter and leave without getting caught and at this level of frequency? And why does no one (except Lu Le, of course) seemed to care that 16-year-olds were being forced to be buried with the late king. Maybe everyone in the show was just plain heartless but even the girls themselves don’t seem to care much? I mean you’re going to be buried alive you know. Even if you say it doesn’t matter as long as you have food but at least show a little pain or sadness or even fear? People don’t just cheerfully laugh it off when they’re going to die. There was so much potential for depth especially at the scene when that other sacrificial girl was talking about how she was poor all her life and that it didn’t matter if she died as long as she has food. Seriously? Nothing seems to be running on logic here. Well at least Miao Ge actually has some logic to her character, which makes her my most likable character. Though I’m not sure what was her purpose in hitting her head with that candle holder. I thought it was to frame Lu Le but I’m not sure. It probably was but it failed before it even began. Oh well.

Anyway to those who watched it and really liked it, no hard feelings. Dramas are subjective and there is no one drama that is perfect for everyone. But still, thanks for reading!


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