Ouroboros (ウロボロス この愛こそ、正義)

I wasn’t actually planning on reviewing this drama but after finishing it I felt like I had to, maybe not review but more of some thoughts on it. This drama was actually an adaptation of the manga by Yuya Kanzaki. Since I didn’t read the manga I can’t compare but from what I’ve read it’s a pretty good adaptation. It does have a manga-ish feel to it though. Not sure if all J-dramas are like that.

I have to say it wasn’t the best thriller drama I’ve seen (I’ve seen loads) in that I felt the way the mysteries were solved weren’t exactly “smart” enough. Most of them were pretty much solved by Ikuo’s really really keen sense of smell and some smarts as well. Okay yes, you can’t deny he’s a freaking smart guy but the cases just didn’t do it for me. Even at the end when the perpetrator identity kept being pushed around, it annoyed me more than intrigued me. Some parts were pretty predictable as well but that was fine since most thriller dramas follow the same pattern. But the way the series kept going in circles was too much. First it was guy A then suddenly it moved to guy B then suddenly wait it was actually guy A and another one, guy C. Like omg…and it was pretty predictable since it’s always the higher ups, eh?


But what really drew me in was the drama and the bromance between Ikuo and Tatsuya (Tacchan!!!) and also the bromance between the other police people. The drama and intensity was soooooooooo good. J-dramas are definitely the best when it comes to drama. I was kept holding my breath throughout as things start progressing and they grow closer towards their goal. In my usual cold and I-feel-nothing way, I sort of feel sad for them. Not that it wasn’t sad, it’s more like it takes a lot for me to actually feel sad to the point that I’d react. Yet unknowingly, I had fallen deep for them. I fell in love with Ikuo first, I mean who won’t?! He’s so freaking cute, especially the way he calls Tatsuya, Tacchan (omgggggg!!). Okay I wasn’t very into him until they started revealing his evil side that I started to REALLY like him lol. I like characters with a little irony. And of course there is the mini Ikuo when he was little, SO CUTE. It took awhile for me to like Tatsuya though. Initially he was pretty flat, despite being all cool and tsundere I was never really drawn into him but somewhere along the line as they revealed more of Tatsuya and Ikuo bromance I guess I just fell, hard. I ended up liking Tatsuya just a little more than Ikuo. And when they showed Tatsuya’s kind side with that hostess, shit I really fell. Like I said, I like characters with a little depth and irony. Adding onto that episode when Tatsuya rolled his eyes before doing the double kabe-don on the secretary. LOLOLOL.

Not hard to guess who is who lol

I thought Hibino Mizuki was alright though. I admire her sense of justice and all but I was never drawn into her character. Maybe she just fell a little flat for me. There were times when she really annoyed me though but oh well. I’m probably just easily irritable lol. But Ikuo and Mizuki do look cute together, sighhhhh. I wished Ikuo found his happiness with her. She was pretty sad at the end as well (no she didn’t die) and that scene when she cried…I just cried along with her.

The other side characters were alright and the cast overall was really good. Out of all the side characters, Nachi (the sister complex) stood out LOL. The way he was introduced was so cool and so anime/manga. I loved his long hair as well but I could never take his character seriously if he had kept his hair. They made a good choice taking the hair off later on lol. Surprisingly, he was the first character that made me cry and as I said earlier, it really takes a lot to have me bring out the waterworks. I didn’t really cry (I left that for later) but I teared quite a bit when he finally found  (spoiler) his little sister’s heart transplanted into the body of that police girl from HR. The emotions he must have felt, and how the way he stopped her from committing suicide just so his sister’s heart could continue beating. I was so touched and sad for him. Having to find out your loved one was used as an organ donor after searching for her for 20 years. Then stopping the person whom the organ was donated from committing suicide. I can only imagine the kind of emotions that he had to deal with. Well at least that police girl found a new purpose for living, even though I never liked her.


Finally, the ending. I actually never expected it to end this way. I never even thought about it in fact. It was only when Tatsuya got shot that I realised the ending may not be pretty. But I kept holding on to the hope that maybe Tatsuya is going to survive. I mean, he hadn’t had a chance to start a new life. At least Ikuo got Mizuki and his police friends and got to enjoy being a normal human being but Tatsuya was always driven by revenge. His only friend was his right-hand man and probably the Yakuza boss’s wife but he never had his chance to live. Well he did but that was before Yuiko-sensei died. So when I realised Tatsuya wasn’t going to make it the tears starting falling. Especially the part when Ikuo held on to him and went crazy. That scene was just pure tragedy in so many ways. Ikuo who had grown up in an orphanage suddenly had a father and a step-brother but neither of them were even close to what Tatsuya, a non-related brother was to him. He was going to kill his step-brother if Tatsuya hadn’t stopped him. I didn’t even realise that he was Ikuo’s brother I mean like it just didn’t process in my mind that the annoying boy that killed Tatsuya was Ikuo’s brother.


So Ikuo decided to bring the dying Tatsuya back to the old orphanage where they can finally go home. I sort of expected Ikuo to die as well. Sure Ikuo could have lived on with Mizuki but he won’t be the same Ikuo Mizuki fell for. He would’ve been emotionally, even mentally damaged. Especially when his other half was already dead. I don’t think either of them could’ve survived anyway. Their life purpose was to take revenge and now that their purpose is gone, they have nothing left to live for. They were too damaged anyway to ever live a normal life. I mean if it was reality they could but this is fiction. It would have made more of an impact to have them dead. Now that I have calmed down and got over it I can type all these with a rational mind but when Tatsuya died, damn I just half-bawled. The waterworks just came at full force I didn’t have a chance. The drama just kept hitting you scene after scene of feels and sadness. I was still crying when they were all eating omelette rice, including Tatsuya’s right-hand man. Damn you the man //cries//.

Overall, I thought it was pretty good and would definitely recommend everyone to see it.


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