Date – 恋とはどんなものかしら


Date  – Koi to wa donna mono kashira is a romantic comedy about 29-year-old Yoriko, an emotionless careerist and 35-year-old Takumi, an anti-social NEET. The story follows these two characters as enter into a contracted marriage for reasons of their own. Yoriko aims to get married before her 30th birthday and Takumi needs a rich wife to leech off to ease the financial burden off his mother.

I was immediately drawn into this drama from the synopsis and of course, I went in expecting a cute romance and hopefully getting some laughs as well. But this drama did not give me that. Instead it gave me a really unique love story about romance and the psychoanalysis of an emotionless careerist and a NEET, which was much better than what I expected. The plot wasn’t mainstream and there were so many twists and turns throughout that you never know what to expect. This is why I love jdramas, they’re always so unpredictable! The plot was pretty character-driven so it was pretty much all over the place but I think it adds to the spontaneity of this drama.I like how the plot is non-linear as well. So every episode would start with a beginning scene that makes you wonder what’s happening or speculate what would happen before playing out and twisting at the end. It’s sometimes annoying but I think it works really well in this drama.

The characters are the best thing about this drama. The cast was incredible. It was so hard choosing my favourite characters since all of them have their own quirks that gives the drama its heartwarming and quirky ambience.  But I’ve decided that Rumi-san (Takumi’s mother) has be my favourite. She’s freaking hilarious and so optimistic and supportive in her own way. I love how she turns everything into a joke LOL. And she’s so cuteeee!! I want a grandma like Rumi-san.

Then theres Takimi! Okay he’s not exactly a likeable guy but I love how they ventured into the psychoanalysis of Takumi and the reasons why he became a NEET. Of course, nobody wants to be a NEET or a hikikomori when they grow up but life is a bitch. I can totally understand why he would choose to live this way and yes, I can so relate LOLOL. Different people deals with trauma differently, some probably more socially acceptable than others, as with Yoriko. Nobody wants to live a life that society rejects but sometimes it’s just much easier to just hide away in the world of fantasy. Not saying that it’s right though. Since living this way must cause a lot of emotional and psychological issues for the person. Humans weren’t made to hide away alone their whole lives. Though they didn’t exactly show Takumi actually getting a job at the end or even start working but I guess it would be unrealistic since he has been living this way for over 13 years. At least he actually had plans for a business at one point.

I really like Yoriko as well. I love her entire family actually. Her mom is so cool and she’s probably the only person who can truly understand Yoriko. Her dad is so sweet as well! He supported her decision to marry Takumi even though he was obviously against it, like which father would approve of his daughter marrying a NEET who doesn’t even love her lol. But he chose to trust his daughter and support her. Yoriko had one of the greatest character developments as well. She went from being a robot to crying after finally being able to drink her mother’s soup. I think when she taught Takumi how to make it she was already opening her heart towards him. I mean it’s such a precious recipe! And the scene when she cried after drinking the soup, omg…it broke my heart.

Takumi’s friends, brother and sister Sotaro and Kaori were so supportive. I love the scenes when they literally dragged him out and forced him to go to the blind date. And how they organised a flash mob specially for the proposal. Though I’ve never liked the Takumi/Kaori pairing. Sotaro was kind of an ass, especially when he tried to screw up Yoriko and Takumi’s romance. psh. But it was still entertaining to watch him sabotaging them by supporting Washio. And yes there’s Washio. I never really got into his character LOL but he’s cute though! I just think he cries too much, and is too soft. Definitely not a match for Yoriko.

Overall, the drama really gives a unique view on love. I felt like it was pretty self-aware of the romcom genre as well. And I’m in love with the set design!!! LOLOLOL Like I love Takumi’s  room and Yoriko’s apartment. I wish I have an apartment like that 😦 But yes I highly recommend this drama. Its funny, heartwarming and unique.


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