New Cdrama – A Love For Separation (萧别离)

Image result for a love for separation drama

A story about three families who sent their kids abroad to study.

Full synopsis in Mandarin here.

Episodes: 45

Huang Lei
Hai Qing
Wendy Zhang
Wang Jun

Since I’m really bad at Chinese and I can’t read it I won’t be able to do a translation but from what I’ve read from an article by The Wall Street Journal, it seems to focus on China’s social trend of sending their kids overseas to study in order to escape the local competitive education system. Immediately I was intrigued by the story and the themes the drama focuses on since I grew up in Singapore so yeah I can definitely relate. Especially to that “if you don’t get into a good school your life is ruined” mentality that was drilled into me since young. Fortunately I’ve long shook off that toxic mindset.

So yes apparently screening has already started but I have yet to see it since I’m pretty busy at the moment but I’m really excited to catch it soon!


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