Why I want to study at GenkiJACS


Hi all! This blog post will be dedicated to a competition in which I will be taking part in, hosted by the Genki Japanese & Culture School. There are two prizes to be won with two different entry requirements, first is a one year free study in GenkiJACS and the second is a four-week free study at GenkiJACS. More details can be found at genkijacs.com. 

Blog Post

Why I want to study at GenkiJACS is because I’ve always had a strong desire to learn Japanese since I was little. Since not only is GenkiJACS named the Star World Language School of 2016 at the International Star Awards in London, but it also has smaller classes which provides an intensive learning experience with more time to invest in each student. I would love to study at GenkiJACS since it has such a reputable name and the small classes would be a conducive environment for learning. Studying at GenkiJACS would not only give me the chance to fulfill my dream of learning Japanese but also enable me to meet like-minded people from all over the world with the same love for Japanese as I do. It would be truly an honour and privilege to be given the chance to study at GenkiJACS for four weeks, and for free! I can only hope to be blessed with this treasured opportunity. 

That’s all for my entry blog post. Do check out GenkiJACS in the link here and thanks for reading everyone!


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