You Taught Me All the Precious Things (大切なことはすべて君が教えてくれた

Shuuji, a high school teacher wakes up to find an unknown woman in his bed with no memories of the night before. He hands the key to the girl as he rushes off to school. But the girl who returns the key turned out to be a student from his class.

So the story started out like any romantic shoujo drama with the forbidden romance between a teacher and a student. To be honest that’s what really got me into the show lol. And I don’t blame her, Miura Haruma is so cute!! But I’m really glad that this show turned out to be far more than what I expected, which is what I really love about Jdramas. They always give you more than what you expect (sometimes) and especially with human dramas, the Japanese seem to hit the mark almost every time. I’m not one that cries in movies, like ever. No, I didn’t cry in this one. But damn the feels are strong. The cast was so great. Everyone did an awesome job, especially Toda Erika. I thought she was the best out of a group of amazing cast. I didn’t like her character, Natsumi at first cause she’s seemed kind of fake? I’m not sure I just didn’t like the vibes she gave me lol. And Shuuji and her didn’t exactly seem like a couple. But as her character got developed I grew to love her. You could feel her pain in her expressions and every time she fakes a smile, omg…you just can’t help but feel her pain, disappointments, relief. Damn. You barely need any words.

Miura Haruma was really cute as well! Shuuji was kind of annoying at the start cause he’s wimpy and I hate wimpy guys lol. But of course he develops and by the end, damnnnn he’s hot. I love his development the most since being the main character he got the most development and got out of his annoying wimpy state. Yes! And he’s such a good teacher. Watching this drama just makes me wish I had a teacher like him when I was in high school. Sigh. And then there’s Hikari! It’s hard to hate her even though she’s the cause of the whole thing but really, it’s hard to hate her. Plus, Takei Emi did a really good job portraying Hikari’s character. Her character is actually the most complex out of the three main characters since she had a more complex past and being a teenager, well you have more complex emotions. I loved her from start to end though, even when she’s been introduced as the main antagonist. She wasn’t exactly annoying but kind of cool in a creepy way. LOL. I like characters like that. It’s just something different than the usual jealous student trying to sabotage the teacher’s relationship (though that’s what she did lol) but they portrayed it slightly differently and I really like it.

The drama as a whole is really much much more than romance. I really wouldn’t call it a romance actually because there weren’t that much romance except for the last two episodes and the chemistry between Shuuji and Natsumi was really, really lacking. Not the fault of the actors since they really did a good job. But I think it’s just Miura Haruma looks too young when standing with Toda Erika. I don’t know it’s just my opinion. Shuuji looks better with Hikari but then…I shall not spoil. But yeah it’s alot about relationships, maturity and family. There’s so much that the drama offers with such a unique perspective. And this is what Jdramas does so much better than kdramas at least, lol . And the cinematography is beautiful! Love all the shots omg. I like how they use the composition to create tension and not just for aesthetics.

Anyway if you’re into dramas about romance, school and a teacher/student scandal then I high recommend this drama. And if you’re not interested in any of those I still high recommend this drama.


4 thoughts on “You Taught Me All the Precious Things (大切なことはすべて君が教えてくれた

  1. I love how this drama was resolved! It scared me for a bit but I was happy by how it ended. It was one of the most mature love stories I’ve ever watched because it felt real–like it can happen to anyone and not just in dramaland 😛


      1. Ah yeah, Erika gives this really cool, strong vibe, the opposite of Haruma. BUT Takei Emi x Haruma’s chemistry tho!

        But despite the lack of chemistry, I think it works??? Because I’ve seen couples like that irl, just a little chill compared to others, but they do get along really well 🙂


      2. Hmmm I guess its more like I really found it hard to believe they’re in love? Though I guess you can’t really help it since it’s chemistry. YES Takei Emi x Haruma omg! so cute! So sad that they didn’t end up together but still………I hope they do another drama as main leads!!


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