Fangirl moment – Joe Odagiri

So I’m currently watching Juhan Shuttai, highly recommended by one of my favourite bloggers My Drama Tea and it’s been only one episode but I’m really loving it. It also helps that I’m an avid manga reader hhaha. But more than that, I’ve discovered Joe Odagiri. And omg he’s hot. I’m not usually a fan of man buns or even guys with long hair but I realise that it’s for guys like Joe Odagiri that man buns are invented.

capture2joe odagiri.JPGYes, look at that cutie!! Sigh. 

So far his acting is not bad but since I haven’t seen his other works I can’t tell if it’s good so I’ll just have to keep watching. But omg…I can’t keep my eyes off him! And while I was doing some research I found that he’s 40. Like are you serious? I swear I thought he was at least in his late 20s, but 40? That’s literally twice my age lol. Still…age is just a number especially in the world of fangirling, right? HAHA.

Alright enough of fangirling, back to Juhan Shuttai! I will be blogging about it once I’m finished so look forward to it!


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