Thoughts: The First Half Of My Life (我的前半生)

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If you know me then you’ll know that I am a HUGE fan of melodramas or slice-of-life dramas, which shouldn’t be surprising that The First Half Of My Life would end up on my must-watch list and taking one of the top spots. If you like dramas like Ode To Joy, Age of Youth or you just love a heartwarming realistic drama then this will definitely be the drama for you.

For this post I’ve decided to write about my thoughts rather than try to do a review since there’s just too much I want to talk about in terms of what the show is trying to portray about relationships, society and being a woman. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to watch it, that will mean you’re actually showing interest and you should just give it a go.

It’s soooooo good you’ll not regret it.

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First Impressions – Nirvana In Fire II (琅琊榜之风起长林)Ep. 1 – 10


Ever since the masterpiece that is Nirvana In Fire, I have been waiting with mixed feelings of excitement and dread when the sequel was first announced. Excitement for more of the visual feast and intricate storytelling that has spoiled me in the first season, and dread for the disappointment resulting from a subpar sequel that has plagued so many other films and dramas from the past (imagine my restlessness in waiting for Legend of Ruyi, sequel to the great masterpiece Legend of Zhen Huan).

But after watching 10 episodes of Nirvana In Fire 2: The Wind Blows In Changlin, I think it’s safe to say that the sequel definitely did not disappoint and not seeing my beloved Hu Ge and Wang Kai on screen…isn’t too bad after all.


Though I wouldn’t say the sequel is bad, it was hard to shake off what I had initially been expecting, having already seen the first season. So here are some of my thoughts and first impressions of the highly anticipated Nirvana In Fire 2: The Wind Blows In Changlin. 

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Review: A Love So Beautiful (致我们单纯的小美好)

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The story follows the life of Chen Xiao Xi, a high school student as she nurses and chases after (literally) her longtime crush, Jiang Chen, despite his countless rejections. Together with a group of friends, Xiao Xi goes through the ups and downs of family, friendship and young love.


I know I’m really late in the game since this drama was aired somewhere in November  2017 and it is now 2018. A friend of mine actually introduced this show to me quite early on but I just never got around to seeing it. I was even going to give this show a miss since I’m not really a fan of youth dramas until another friend started raving about this show.

I’m so glad I didn’t end up giving this a miss. In fact I haven’t felt this much for a youth drama in a long, long time. Since most of the time I never actually finish them. Not to mention this drama was so good that when my Dad chanced upon me watching this show, he ended up finishing it way before I did lol. If a youth drama can capture the attention of a 50 year old man and he actually finish it, then you know it’s a good one.

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Thoughts: Tribes and Empires: Storm of Prophecy (九州·海上牧云记)

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Disclaimer: I’m only up to episode 71 at the moment so I can’t give a full review but here are my rants   thoughts.

Disclaimer: Currently at episode 71 and I feel like dropping it…but I’m so close to the finish line. 

I had really high expectations for this show seeing the high quality cinematography, set, acting, practically everything. I had thought this was going to be the next Legend of Zhen Huan or Nirvana In Fire (at least in terms of C-drama quality) but despite the visual feast and mind-blowing acting that might have carried the series, it finally crumbled beneath its weightless plot and tired storytelling.

The main story revolves around three people. The first being Muyun Sheng, the half-Charmer prince outcast who was prophesied to become the next Emperor and bring destruction on the people. Then there is Muru Han Jiang who has been prophesied to dethrone Muyun Sheng and take over the throne. Problem is, he is the third son of Muru Shuo, great general of the Muru army who abides by the 300 year old promise to protect the Muyun sovereignty. Finally we have Shuofeng He Ye, predicated to be the Iron Wielder who will lead the oppressed people of the Han Prefecture and take down Tian Qi City.


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Must-watch C-dramas for 2018

These days I have been quite out of touch with the drama world which meant missing out the broadcasting dates of some of my most anticipated dramas which I have been waiting since last year. But upon discovering that my long anticipated k-drama, Age Of Youth  has completed airing, I then allow myself to be sucked back into dramaland and has never left since. Fortunately, my return has been welcomed by more incredible gems a.k.a Go Back Couple (flash review here) which has only suck me in deeper into dramaland. I’m afraid I may never be able to escape.

Nevertheless, here is a list of my must-watch C-dramas for 2018.

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Review: Once Upon A Time (三生三世十里桃花)

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I’m so glad I got to catch Once Upon A Time in the theaters since living in Australia meant Asian movies aren’t as popular and hence rarely get screened in the cinemas. Having already seen the incredibly successful Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (and loving it to bits) I grabbed on to the opportunity to see it on the big screen despite having heard some negative reviews about it. In order not to let it disappoint, as most movie adaptions do, I made sure to set my expectations low.

I went in expecting it to be bad, like a Me Before You movie adaptation kind of bad (my standards are sky high) and wow………………….was I disappointed.

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Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (三生三世十里桃花)


It’s been five months since this drama debut and grabbed the attention of fangirls and bloggers alike. Which means this blog post is long overdue and has now emerged through the aftermath of the hype. Nevertheless, this drama is just too good for me to not at least blog about it, even if it is five months overdue.

To illustrate just how much I love this show is to also talk about my strong dislike and general avoidance of Chinese fantasy dramas. Since I grew up watching Asian TV shows (mostly Chinese), I’d like to think that I’ve seen almost every tired trope in the book, whether it is the Mary-Sue main character who is always being bullied and misunderstood while she tries to maintain a tired smile or her useless love interest who claims to love her but always falls into the schemes of the evil third party. Not to mention the amount of unnecessary angst that does nothing but create tension in the show or the cheap CGI that I cannot help but cringe at. Reasons enough to avoid fantasy C-dramas altogether.Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms Finale

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