Review: Todome No Kiss (トドメの接吻)

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I first chanced upon Todome No Kiss through Kmuse’s first impressions post on Dramas With A Side Of Kimchi and the I was intrigued by the plot and fresh concept of the show. Not to mention I’ve been looking for a good J-dorama to get me back into the world of doramas which have always held a special place in my heart and Todome No Kiss was exactly the drama I was looking for.

Dojima Otaro (Yamazaki Kento) doesn’t believe in love and instead makes money his one true goal, in the form of heiress, Namiki Mikoto (Yuko Araki) who is worth 10 billion. But his dreams get disrupted when he is kissed by a mysterious woman and dies. Only to wake up 7 days in the past.

I seemed to have developed a habit of reimagining plots then getting disappointed when the plot isn’t what I had imagined. I had initially thought the reason why Otaro was being kissed by Saiko (Kadowaki Mugi) was a threat to make him change a new leaf and treat the women better. (I have no idea where I got that idea from lol) But turns out the reason for the deadly kisses are actually more innocent than that. Not that I’m complaining.


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Fragile (フラジャイル)

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The drama centres around pathologist Kiichi Keishiiro (Nagase Tomoya), an eccentric pathologist who is rude and seemingly self-centred but renowned for his 100% accurate diagnoses. Rookie neurologist Miyazaki Chihiro (Takei Emi) decides to transfer to the pathology department after witnessing an incident where Kiichi stood up against her superior regarding an inaccurate diagnosis.

So after finishing all 10 episodes of this series, I’m pretty disappointed. I’ve read reviews raving about this drama and being a huge fan of J-dramas, I had some pretty high expectations of this one. Especially since it’s my first medical drama, I was hoping this one would be good. But unfortunately, it fell flat for me and I was practically forcing myself to push through with every episode. That being said, it’s not so bad that I would drop it but it’s not a drama I would be raving to my friends about.

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Juhan Shuttai (重版出来!)


Kurosawa Kokoro suffers from an injury that renders her unable to take part in the Judo Olympics. She finds a job as an editor for Weekly Vibes, a manga magazine aimed at young men. The story then follows Kokoro and senior editor Iokibe Kei as they venture together in the manga publishing world.

Omg Juhan Shuttai, where do I start. I was so upset that it finished with ten episodes, though it was to be expected of J-dramas but I still wanted more. It’s because of dramas like Juhan Shuttai that I would choose a Jdrama over a  Kdrama anyday (no offense Kdrama fans). Plot-wise, there isn’t exactly a plot since it’s very character-driven, which is the drama’s main strength. The characters are quirky and lively, but not only that they’re also well-developed and by the end you can’t help but love all of them! Not to mention it’s a drama about mangas and being a manga fan myself, it was especially especially interesting to see how the manga industry works. I was so drawn into the world of mangas and now I have a whole new appreciation of mangas.

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You Taught Me All the Precious Things (大切なことはすべて君が教えてくれた

Shuuji, a high school teacher wakes up to find an unknown woman in his bed with no memories of the night before. He hands the key to the girl as he rushes off to school. But the girl who returns the key turned out to be a student from his class.

So the story started out like any romantic shoujo drama with the forbidden romance between a teacher and a student. To be honest that’s what really got me into the show lol. And I don’t blame her, Miura Haruma is so cute!! But I’m really glad that this show turned out to be far more than what I expected, which is what I really love about Jdramas. They always give you more than what you expect (sometimes) and especially with human dramas, the Japanese seem to hit the mark almost every time. I’m not one that cries in movies, like ever. No, I didn’t cry in this one. But damn the feels are strong. The cast was so great. Everyone did an awesome job, especially Toda Erika. I thought she was the best out of a group of amazing cast. I didn’t like her character, Natsumi at first cause she’s seemed kind of fake? I’m not sure I just didn’t like the vibes she gave me lol. And Shuuji and her didn’t exactly seem like a couple. But as her character got developed I grew to love her. You could feel her pain in her expressions and every time she fakes a smile, omg…you just can’t help but feel her pain, disappointments, relief. Damn. You barely need any words.

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Date – 恋とはどんなものかしら


Date  – Koi to wa donna mono kashira is a romantic comedy about 29-year-old Yoriko, an emotionless careerist and 35-year-old Takumi, an anti-social NEET. The story follows these two characters as enter into a contracted marriage for reasons of their own. Yoriko aims to get married before her 30th birthday and Takumi needs a rich wife to leech off to ease the financial burden off his mother.

I was immediately drawn into this drama from the synopsis and of course, I went in expecting a cute romance and hopefully getting some laughs as well. But this drama did not give me that. Instead it gave me a really unique love story about romance and the psychoanalysis of an emotionless careerist and a NEET, which was much better than what I expected. The plot wasn’t mainstream and there were so many twists and turns throughout that you never know what to expect. This is why I love jdramas, they’re always so unpredictable! The plot was pretty character-driven so it was pretty much all over the place but I think it adds to the spontaneity of this drama.I like how the plot is non-linear as well. So every episode would start with a beginning scene that makes you wonder what’s happening or speculate what would happen before playing out and twisting at the end. It’s sometimes annoying but I think it works really well in this drama.

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Ouroboros (ウロボロス この愛こそ、正義)

I wasn’t actually planning on reviewing this drama but after finishing it I felt like I had to, maybe not review but more of some thoughts on it. This drama was actually an adaptation of the manga by Yuya Kanzaki. Since I didn’t read the manga I can’t compare but from what I’ve read it’s a pretty good adaptation. It does have a manga-ish feel to it though. Not sure if all J-dramas are like that.

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Ghostwriter (ゴーストライター)

I chanced upon this drama one day while I was bored and looking for something new to watch. For some reason, the synopsis gave me an impression that this will be something light despite the genre being suspense. The poster was the thing that persuaded me to give this drama a go LOL. I like how clean and straight to the point it is. But of course, the intriguing aided me in making my final decision, and I was glad I did.

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