Flash Review: Go Back Couple (고백부부)

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A couple on the verge of divorce goes back in time to their days in college and gets the chance to live their life all over again.

When I was first introduced to this drama by a friend, I was really attracted by the concept of a couple going back in time to relive their college days. My expectations were quite high with this one despite my constant disappointments with Korean dramas. I was expecting this drama to tackle some pretty complex issues due to the concept of it and well, the drama went beyond what I expected.

The drama tackled many complex issues to do with marriage, love and relationships. Though I think the idea of youth has been romanticised a little too much. For some reason I relate way more with Jin Joo and Ban Do than with the others, and I’m only 23. The drama tackled these issues in such a mature and profound way, especially the way they dealt with Jae Woo’s and Bo Reum’s relationship. It wasn’t pumped with too much fluff nor was it overly dramatised unlike the way other dramas do. It was so sweet watching them struggle through the littlest things in their relationship yet knowing that they’d break up in the future. And I’m glad that they broke up for a legit reason instead of something small as with other “first love” type of relationships. It shows that even first loves aren’t as superficial and fragile as what most dramas seem to portray.

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Review: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (달의 연인-보보경심 려)

Go Ha Jin is transported back in time to the Goreyeo era during a solar eclipse. There she forms bonds with the princes but soon gets embroiled in the violence and politics of the fight for the throne.


Where do I start…If you’ve read my first impressions post on Scarlet Heart Ryeo here then you’d probably think that this is an extension of the previous post. You’re not wrong but after 19 other episodes, my feelings for this show has drastically changed since then. The fact that I’ve actually seen the original and loved it, makes it all the more worse (and torturous) as I dragged myself through this mess.

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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (달의 연인-보보경심 려) – First Impressions

I can’t believe I’m watching a k-drama. It’s been what, 4 years? I can’t even remember lol. To be honest I’m not a fan of k-dramas, mostly because they always recycle their plots and I can never finish them. Yes, I can finish a 80 episode c-drama but not a 26 episode k-drama. Shows how much I dislike k-dramas, lol. But the reason why I’m watching Scarlet Heart Ryeo comes from a conversation I had with a friend of mine. We were discussing the differences between Bu Bu Jing Xin (the original c-drama) and Scarlet Heart Ryeo. Realising the futility of the conversation, since neither of us has actually watched both. We decided that I, the Bu Bu Jing Xin is to watch Ryeo while she is to watch BBJX. I wonder if she’ll actually do it though since BBJX, being a c-drama is like twice the number of episodes as SHR. But I’ve decided to give SHR a try since my many-year k-drama hiatus and here is my first impression. I don’t normally do first impressions since I can’t be bothered and normally I’d want to quickly know what’s happened next rather than blog about it. But with SHR I just felt like I should. Don’t ask me why.

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