Review: Narratage (ナラタージュ)

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Izumi Kudo agrees to return to her high school to help out the drama club at the request of her old high school teacher and object of her unrequited love. She returns to the club to find her feelings still strong and struggles to move on from her first love but it seems Hayama-sensei harbours the same mixed feelings for Kudo.

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Rio Shimamoto, the film starts of poignant, poetic and beautifully-shot, evoking feelings of nostalgia and the innocence of an unrequited high school love. Yet despite its high poduction value, the film seems to perpetuate some disturbing messages relating to the forbidden romance between teachers and their students that makes me rethink the value of the film.

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Review: Once Upon A Time (三生三世十里桃花)

Crystal Liu and Yang Yang in 2017 c-movie Once Upon A TImeSource

I’m so glad I got to catch Once Upon A Time in the theaters since living in Australia meant Asian movies aren’t as popular and hence rarely get screened in the cinemas. Having already seen the incredibly successful Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (and loving it to bits) I grabbed on to the opportunity to see it on the big screen despite having heard some negative reviews about it. In order not to let it disappoint, as most movie adaptions do, I made sure to set my expectations low.

I went in expecting it to be bad, like a Me Before You movie adaptation kind of bad (my standards are sky high) and wow………………….was I disappointed.

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Review: I Am A Hero (丧尸末日战 )

Timid failed manga artist  Suzuki Hideo finds himself in the midst of a ZQN virus outbreak that is turning all of Japan into zombies. Together with high school student Hiromi and a Nurse Yabu, they journey to the peak of Mt Fuji.


Having seen this after seeing the critically-acclaimed Train To Busan, it is with no doubt that a comparison is to be made. And it will. Except I Am A Hero is on a whole other platform altogether. It’s distinct manga style (well it is adapted from the manga of the same name) and unique characters sets it apart from its predecessors of the same genre, including the incredibly popular Train To Busan.

The protagonist is Suzuki Hideo (Hideo as in Hero), a timid manga artist who has spent 8 years trying to get published and is seen as a failure in the eyes of his girlfriend and society. Yet by sheer luck and the coincidence of a series of events, he manages to escape uninfected despite getting bitten by his infected girlfriend (watch the movie and you’ll know why). Much like Train To Busan, I Am A Hero is a zombie movie commentary on the society we live in, but unlike the former, I Am A Hero focuses on themes restricted to Japanese society. This results in some very interesting ideas like having the zombies retaining memories of their human lives and even continuing their daily habits. Multiple striking images of zombified businessmen still holding their briefcase and talking on the phone drives home the zombified state of  Japanese society’s emphasis on hardwork.

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Devil and Angel (恶棍天使)


I chanced upon this movie while searching up on Sun Li and was really excited to watch it since theres Sun Li (screams). Not to mention the movie stars her husband, Deng Chao (The Mermaid) as her love interest. Already the movie looks promising. Initially my expectations for this movie wasn’t very high since I’ve never been a fan of slapstick humour and this is what the movie promised. But I’m glad it ended up exceeding my expectations and I fell in love with both the characters and the movie. (I mean how could you not when its Sun Li?)

The movie follows innocent PhD-holder Zha Xiao Dao (Sun Li) and cunning but illiterate Mo Feili (Deng Chao) team up to collect a debt for a scheming Jesuit Priest.


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Our Times (我的少女时代)

Before I saw this movie there was already a huge hype on social media and it became one of the biggest asian rom-com, on my newsfeed that is. But I’ve learnt from experience that popularity does not guarantee a good movie (*coughs Stay With Me), especially after receiving a negative review from two trusted friends of mine, I was pretty skeptical. Nevertheless, I was glad I got to see it in the end.

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