[Review] Q Series: Life Plan A and B (植劇場 – 荼蘼)

Zheng Ru Wei is arrives at a crossroad where she has to choose between working in Shanghai to further her career and maintain a long-distance relationship or sacrifice her career and stay behind. Plan A and B follows both life choices and shows us the effects and consequences of both.

Plan A: Ru Wei leaves for Shanghai while leaving behind her longtime boyfriend You Yan and advances in her career.

Plan B: Ru Wei gives up the opportunity and stayed behind to be with You Yan and look after his parents.

I’m a huge fan of Rainie Yang ever since I was younger and I’m so glad to see her big comeback in this series. I was attracted to the drama mostly because of Rainie Yang but when I saw the synopsis for the series, I was in! The plot seemed unique and the drama gave me much more than I had expected. Very different from most TW dramas that I’ve seen, and from Rainie’s other usual shows. The script gave Rainie an opportunity to show her full potential as an actress and to shut all those people who’ve complained about her acting. Though I think if she can pull off a character like Xiao Hua (Miss No Good) and make her likable, she can definitely act.

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